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JFV Consulting Corp's goal is to guide and teach you how to begin a new business venture, build and manage your brand, choose and keep customers and to get your struggling business back on track.


Business Start-Up

From the initial business idea to formalizing the business plan to hiring your first employee, JFV Consulting Corp can walk the process with you.  We are here to provide options for your start-up and provide suggestions on how to get it up and running quickly and efficiently.  We can walk you through the development of a Business Plan, creating of a Profit Plan, evaluating Risk, and ultimately provide ways to Enjoy your Business.


Business Continuity

We present a comprehensive program that assesses the current business structure, identifies weaknesses and problems and provides solutions to get the entire company working together again.

We have the unique ability to provide an outsider's point of view of the company climate and provide suggestions on where to take it from here.

We provide a sounding board for principles and employees where the communication has broken down and needs third party objectivity to bring everyone back to the table and working toward the same goal.

Once healthy conversation is established, we coach companies on how to take their business to the next level.  We do this through one-on-one meetings with you and your employees to assist you to manage issues and to ultimately operate your business flawlessly.


Exit Strategies

As an overall plan of the business a successful exit strategy is necessary. Strategies include adding a partner, selling stock, succession planning, initial public offerings or business liquidation are all possible strategies.  JFV Consulting Corp is able to assist with the detailing of these plans and strategies utilizing 6 steps:

  • Establishing Financial Goals
  • Determining the current Business Valuation
  • Building Business Value
  • Determining the Best Exit Plan
  • Developing a Contingency Plan
  • Developing a Plan for Key Employees

As with any strategy there are pros and cons that must be evaluated, understood and planned for.  At JFV Consulting Corp we can help determine what these are and help establish plans for a way to get the money out of your business.